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Places with the "METRO" label: 50 miles within Airport or Port location

How can World Commodity Tool Multi-Mode and Multi-Service Freight Calculator Help Your Business? What does it do?

The price tag of a service should not be the only factor of decision making when considering time and equipment needed to transport goods from the point of production, distribution and ultimate the point of sale. Different modes of transport must be assessed in order to compare and contrast cost.

The decision process needs to include not only price but quality of service, schedules, routing and delivery time. But also, product characteristics-type and quantity, volume, handling, packaging and the auxiliaries needed to load/unload onboard the appropriate vessel for transportation.

The vessel to be considered for each mode of transportation must be compatible with the commodity or manufacture that is to be shipped by either air ground or water transportation bearing in mind that this decision can make the difference between a profit or loss statement, including, discounted rates and backhaul traffic availability and application.

WCF’s tool with all its freight calculation capabilities offers the flexibility needed for the planning stage or as a decision making device to assists managers on recognizing a given set of market conditions at the time of shipping or on a future time scale.